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Birth to Third Grade &
Cambridge Initiatives

Partnership Committees

  • Steering Committee
  • Access & Quality Committee
  • Family Engagement & Partnership Committee
  • Health Committee
  • New DHSP Windsor Preschool: The Windsor Preschool opened in September 2016, creating a new preschool option for 34 students. Half of these preschool spots are reserved for children who live in public housing.

  • Improving Early Childhood Education:
    • The Partnership’s Program Quality Improvement (PQI) model seeks to improve educators’ practice within rich learning environments. Eight community-based Cambridge preschools are participating in the PQI pilot.

    • Free workshops are available to area providers, regardless of their participation in the PQI pilot.

    • The Early Years program of The Guidance Center has been expanded, bringing greater support to community-based programs around issues of child development, behavior, and mental health.

  • Providing Scholarships to Low-Income Families: Over 20 families received large scholarships to enable their children to enroll at a PQI Pilot preschool. 

  • Supporting Family Engagement: The Partnership facilitated a citywide Family Engagement policy statement that has been adopted by the Cambridge Public Schools, Department of Human Services, Public Health Department, and many local providers.

  • Helping Families Find the Programs They Need: The Partnership supported the creation of Find it Cambridge, which includes a website, phone, and in-person assistance for finding early childhood programming in Cambridge.

  • Shoring up Providers Financial Viability: The Partnership launched Massachusetts’ first “Shared Resources” program for early childhood educators, developed through the United Way. Cost savings result from pooled purchasing power, and time savings result from an array of templates, resources, and policy documents.