Comcast Internet Essentials Program

The Comcast Internet Essentials program offers low-cost Internet and a $150 netbook for families certified to receive free lunch. The Cambridge Public Schools agreed to distribute information about this program to all families in Cambridge. A brochure and letter from the Superintendent was sent out with the Free Lunch Program applications in August 2011.

In order to be eligible for the Internet Essentials program, a student in the household must be receiving FREE lunch, and as long as they continue to receive Free lunch, they are eligible for this program through high school. Comcast will be accepting applications over the next three years. Families can call the number listed on the flyer that is a dedicated line for this program. You then receive an application packet and self-certify with your approved Free Lunch Program form. (A Principal’s letter can also be used if the form was not saved.)

In addition to the English/Spanish version posted, flyers are available in Haitian Creole, Mandarin, and Portuguese.

Please contact Ginny Berkowitz if you have any questions about the Internet Essentials program or if you would like a copy of the flyer in any of the languages listed above.