Advisory: Circle of Power and Respect

The Developmental Designs Advisory “…offers students a consistent, dependable opportunity to get to know themselves and each other, to build social strengths, to warm up their thinking selves in a wide variety of mentally challenging games and relevant activities, and to have fun doing so.”  The Advisory Book, p.10

Greeting: Sets the tone for feeling welcomed.  Each person in the circle is recognized. Members of the group learn each other’s names and feel valued and begin to build community.

Sharing: Provides the opportunity to practice and learn how to have interesting conversations. Members actively listen to the speaker while thinking of questions to ask connected to the conversation.

Group Activity: Builds team spirit. Provides the opportunity for cooperation and fun. Activities teach academic and social skills. Students learn how to trust each other and teacher provides a safe environment for constructive risk taking, self-control and responsibility.

News and Announcements: Provides a predictable visual information tool for all students that shares the news of the day and week. Information includes schedule, important deadlines, current school events, projects, seminars, all surrounding the business of the school.
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