International Adventures

Spain: June 2011
spain_2011.jpgAs the high speed train swept over the open spaces, ancient windmills turned slowly and modern ones dotted the horizon. Twelve CRLS students traveled to Madrid, Spain for the first part of a bilateral international exchange with Instituto Leonardo DaVinci -- a comprehensive high school located in Majadahonda, a modern suburb outside of Madrid. Students were true ambassadors as they lived with Spanish families while also taking in the local historical and cultural sites such as the Roman acuaduct in Segovia, Picasso's Guernica at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and a Jewish synagogue in Toledo. In addition, the group traveled to Cordoba and Sevilla where they spent time in one of the largest gothic cathedrals of Europe as well as in the famous mosque in Cordoba. Students were able to practice their Spanish, see many of the marvels if this ancient land and also savour the food including "Fanta" lemon soda.

Upon leaving, the CRLS students were excited as they next leg of their exchange will mean that they host their new Spanish friends, showing them Boston and beyond. The Spanish students will be arriving on September 8 and will return to Spain on September 29. The language department as well as the students have many activities planned during their stay including a Thanksgiving Dinner a baseball game and special classes during the school day where the Spaniards can really sample American culture. This exchange promises to be a success and we hope to continue this again next year and beyond.

England: April 2011
england_2010.jpgThe CRLS English Language Arts and Visual & Performing Arts Departments co-sponsored "Curtain Time in London" (through the educational travel company EF Tours), a 9-day tour of London and surrounding towns. Thirty-two CRLS 10-12 grade students and 5 English and Drama teachers spent their April break attending professional West End shows, engaging in theatre workshops, touring Shakespeare's birthplace in Stratford, following the path of Chaucer's pilgrims to Canterbury, and walking in Jane Austen's foodsteps in Bath. We hope to offer this wonderful opportunity for the classes of 2015, 2014, and 2013 again in April 2013, so look for notices about an informational meeting this fall at CRLS!
China: 2010
The M.L. King School’s fourth annual trip to the Jiangnan Experimental School in Hangzhou, China and the city of Shanghai, China, was a memorable and moving educational experience. Click here to learn more.
Beijing: April 2010
beijing.jpgApril first is typically set aside for lightheartedness--usually pranks carried out against unsuspecting friends, teachers, and colleagues. But on this past April 1st a group of middle school students and staff from the Fletcher Maynard Academy (FMA) had more serious matters on their minds. Foremost on most of their minds was the matter of getting to the airport on time. What time should they get on the highway to avoid traffic? Should they take Storrow or 93? Wasn't the road in front of the museum of science closed? Did I pack my toothbrush? Being late was no option; they couldn't miss their flight to Chicago. For if they didn't arrive in time there'd be no getting to Beijing! Read more >>
Cambodia February 2010
cambodia.jpgIn February of 2010, six CRLS students, two CRLS teachers, and five Cambridge Community members traveled to Cambodia. The primary purpose of the trip was to attend the dedication ceremony of The Cambridge School, a school in rural Cambodia that Cambridge community members (including CRLS students) helped raise the funds to build. After the dedication ceremony, we spent time working, playing, and building relationships with the students at our school. In addition to our time at the school, we also toured the capital Phnom Penh, visiting many human rights activist NGOs and historical sites to increase our understanding of the history, culture, and current social and political struggles of Cambodia. Our amazing trip concluded with a breathtaking visit to the ancient sites of Angkor.
Other school trips this year included: dom_republic_2010.jpg

Dominican Republic in April 2011
Dominican Republic in April 2010
France in April 2010
Turkey in April 2010

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