Foreign Exchange Applicants

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School (CRLS) does not have a formal Foreign Exchange program. However, we welcome Foreign Exchange students to apply for one year of study at CRLS.

Foreign Exchange students (students who are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States) who are coming to the United States for the purpose of attending Cambridge Rindge and Latin School must possess an F-1 student visa. In order to apply for a student visa from a US consulate or embassy, students must submit a complete application to CRLS in order to obtain an I-20 from the Student Registration Center at CRLS. Tuition payment in full is required for students applying for an I-20 from CRLS.

Please note that the I-20 is only valid for only one year of study at Cambridge Rindge & Latin School as mandated by the US Government and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. To read more, please visit the US Bureau of Consular Affairs' website.

Foreign Exchange Student Registration

Foreign Exchange high school students applying for admissions to CRLS must complete the registration and submit all required documents to the Student Registration Center. 

A host family with Cambridge, MA residency and temporary guardianship must be established before applying to CRLS. The host family must be residents of Cambridge, MA. There are no exceptions.

As the host parents are thus considered the legal guardians, the host parents must file the registration documents at the SRC. This is in addition to the Foreign Exchange student's actual legal parent or guardian submitting a registration form with their information for our records.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester Applicants: All registration and application documents are due the last Friday in July before the Fall semester.
  • Spring Semester Applicants: Due 45 Days prior to the start of Spring Semester. Please refer to the CRLS school calendar for the start Spring semester.

The following forms are required upon registration:

  • Form 1: Registration Form (filled out and signed by the host family)
  • Additional Form 1: Registration Form (filled out and signed by the legal parents)
  • Notarized Caregiver Affidavit Form (notarized by the equivalent of the home country’s public notary)
  • Form 2: Home Language Survey Form (host family or legal parent may submit this)
  • Form 3: Health History Form (host family or legal parent may submit this)
  • Form 4: Authorization for Release of Records Form (host family or legal parent may submit this)
  • Form 5: Student Required Forms (one form may filled out by the student, the parents, and the host family)

These forms can be found on CPS's Forms Page.

The following documents are required:

  • Proof of Identity of the Student (Must be original or certified copy - the SRC will make photocopies)
  • Immunization Records of the Student
  • Proof of Identity of the Parents
  • Proof of Identity of the Host Parent (This must be done in person)
  • Proof of Residency of the Host Parent
  • Proof of Occupancy of the Host Parent
  • Academic Records and translated records
  • Disciplinary Statement from the former school and translated records

Unfortunately, Foreign Exchange students are unable to use the online pre-registration system. Unless indicated otherwise, most registration documents can be scanned and emailed to the SRC.

The host parents must complete the registration in person at the Student Registration Center in order to show their proof of identification for safety and security purposes.

Living Arrangements
CRLS and the Student Registration Center do not provide assistance in locating host families or providing living arrangements. Foreign Exchange students must make independent arrangements for staying with a local host family while attending CRLS. In addition, temporary guardianship must be established by the host family before applying to CRLS. 

Academic Records
Students who are applying to grades 10, 11, or 12 are asked to provide an original copy of the academic records and if needed, translated records for high school equivalent education in a foreign country. Students applying to grade 9 are not required to submit academic records. All students must submit a Disciplinary Statement from the former school and disciplinary records, if any.

A Disciplinary Statement is a letter from the previous school formally indicating any prior disciplinary issues with the student. If the student does not have any disciplinary issues, the letter must state that the student is "in good standing."

Immunization Records
The immunizations listed below represent the minimum requirements set by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (105 CMR 220) before admission to school. Students may start the registration process with incomplete immunizations, but they will not be admitted to school without documentation that these immunizations have been completed.

  • Hepatitis B - 3 doses
  • DTaP/DT/Td - 5 doses
  • tdap - 1 dose (if haven't had one within 5 yrs)
  • Polio - 4 doses
  • MMR - 2 doses
  • Varicella - 2 dose or physician documented history of chicken pox
  • Physical Examination and TB Risk Assessment or PPD is required upon school entry

I-20 and F-1 Visa
In order to obtain an F-1 visa, Foreign Exchange applicants first must be issued an I-20 from CRLS at the Student Registration Center. A host family with a Cambridge residential address needs to be provided before starting the application process. The Student Registration Center will issue an I-20 visa to the student after the student has completed the application and tuition payment in full is submitted.

Once the student receives their I-20, the student should immediately schedule a visa interview at the closest US consulate or embassy to apply for the F-1 visa. As visa processing times vary from country to country, it is recommended that Foreign Exchange applicants should complete their I-20 request early enough to ensure they receive their visa in time to arrive in Cambridge before the start of the school year in September.

Foreign Exchange students can attend CRLS for one year. At the end of one year, students may continue their education by transferring their F-1 visa status to a private high school, or to a college or university. Under the F-1 visa, students may stay in the United States as long as they are full-time students.

It takes three to four weeks for the Student Registration Center to process your I-20 request once all application requirements are met. To check the status of the I-20 request, Foreign Exchange applicants can email the SRC.

Cambridge Public Schools does not provide I-20 or F-1 student visas to Foreign Exchange applications for students below grade 9.

Cambridge Public Schools, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, and the Student Registration Center reserve the right to deny issuance of the I-20 to any applicant for any reason. 

For more information regarding visas and enrolling in school, please visit the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website.

English Proficiency
Non-English speaking Foreign Exchange applicants are required to take an in-person language test that will be scheduled at the time of registration. This language test is not a pass or fail test. It is a test to determine the level of English proficiency, in the event that CRLS is to provide ESL support. ESL support is at no additional cost, as it is included in the tuition. TOEFL or equivalent language test is not required.

School Tours
For all questions regarding the registration process for Foreign Exchange students, please contact the Registration Specialist at the Student Registration Center at 617.349.6551 or email the SRC.

Foreign Exchange students are welcomed to call and sign up for a school visit when school is in session. School tours are regularly held on Tuesday mornings at 8:30AM. For information regarding the high school, classes and programs, or to sign up for a school tour, please contact the CRLS Family Liaison, Greta Hardina at 617.349.6660 or email Greta

It takes three to four weeks for the Student Registration Center to process your I-20 request once all application requirements are met. To check the status of the I-20 request, Foreign Exchange applicants can email: 

Ilda Zheku
Registration Specialist
Student Registration Center
Cambridge Public Schools
459 Broadway | M-F, 8:30AM - 3:30PM

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