Happy Teacher Appreciation Month!

By: Kate Jacobs

May is teacher appreciation month so taking the opportunity to appreciate us is fitting, and it’s just what we need to do. Preparing, reflecting, changing, persevering, learning, and collaborating to support our students is what we do. We have the opportunity to be among the most passionate, hard-working, and innovative educators in the state and even our country.  

We have grown tremendously in the past years to create classrooms that support the whole child. We are all striving to create accessibility for all, and working together to improve our culture and values that support children in safe, and respectful communities. Our students emulate our work ethic; we don’t give up.

We are in the home stretch. We are in the last mile of the marathon, breathing hard but we don’t stop. Our students need us right to the end. We will guide them and use every moment to teach before our students move on.  

I asked several students what they appreciated the most about their teachers and this is what they had to say.  

“My teachers are respectful of kids.”-K
“For teaching me, and setting up my whole class, and making me become a better reader, mathematician and a writer.” -1st grade
“My teacher gives us extra time to do fun things.” -2nd grade
“My teacher helps me with my math.” -3rd grade
“My teacher gives me challenges when I need them.”-3rd grade
“My teacher sits with me and helps me with my writing when I need it.” 
-3rd grade
“My teacher is nice and fun.”- 5th grade
“My teacher is caring, she takes the time to sit down and talks with me.” 
-5th grade
“My teacher works hard and encourages us.” -5th grade
“My teacher has a great personality she is very dramatic and makes learning fun.” -5th grade      
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