Updating Contact Information Using Aspen

Log into the portal and download the Emergency Card from the Reports Widget. Review the information and if you need to make a change, click the Initiate button on the Parent/Guardian Tasks Widget.

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Clicking Initiate displays a workflow menu and following the steps will allow you to send us your updates through Aspen. Click the drop down menu and choose Contact Verification.

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Choosing the Contact Verification workflow displays a look up menu so that you can choose which student you want to make corrections for. Click the magnifying glass to select your student.

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Once you choose the student you want to update, click OK and then click Next.

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Step 2 displays a screen with two tabs.

Student Information Tab
This area is for updating the student's home phone, cell phone, and your family’s military status. To update the phone numbers, click in the cell and enter the correct phone number. Please use this format xxx‐xxx‐xxxx. If the student has a parent that was an active duty military member in the last calendar year, please use the drop down menu and select Yes.

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Parent Guardian Information Tab
Click on this tab and click on your name to update your contact information.
Please note that contacts who reside in the same household are listed as one contact (John & Mary Jones instead of John Jones and Mary Jones). We only list contacts separately when they reside in separate households.

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The contact information window displays the phone numbers and email addresses that we have currently, and allows you to update or add information. You can also choose to opt‐out of paper mailings. When you are finished updating the information click OK.

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This will return you to the original window. Click Next to continue.

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To finish, click finish on the bottom right hand side. The school will review the information and post the changes.

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