Psychological And Counseling Services

For many families, School Psychologists and School Adjustment Counselors/Social Workers are an important point of contact in accessing special education services. Their roles may vary depending on the needs of students as outlined in their Individual Education Program (IEP).

School Psychologist/Team Chairperson

School Psychologists/Team Chairpersons conduct psycho-educational assessments as part of the Special Education Team Evaluation process. Additionally, they serve as Team Chairperson for all Initial Eligibility meetings and all comprehensive Three Year Reevaluations. Further, in their role as Team Chairperson, they manage and oversee the special education process in their individual schools to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. School Psychologists/Team Chairpersons provide consultation to administrators, general and special educators, and parents.


School Adjustment Counselors/Social Workers are assigned to all schools to provide counseling services to students with IEPs to support progress towards their IEP goals and objectives. Counseling services may also be provided to students not identified as in need of an IEP who would benefit educationally from services. School Adjustment Counselors/Social Workers enable students to develop social, emotional, and behavioral skills and insight regarding emotional well-being and success in school. They additionally help students to understand how their behavior, emotions, motivations, and academic success can be linked.

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