Goal 3: Reduce The District's Impact

The third goal is to significantly reduce the District’s impact on the environment in measurable ways through facilities improvements in sustainable operations, energy efficient systems, and building practices. Specifically, this means operations and systems optimization in each of the PFEWG™ categories of Products, Food, Energy, Waste, and Greenspace.

For Products, this includes maintaining and improving our existing green cleaning program, as well as making sustainable products and materials considerations in facilities and district purchasing and building renovations.

For Food, this means maintaining and improving existing healthy foods and salad bar programs, while making sustainable products and food choice considerations in food services purchasing and packaging.

For Energy, this means maintaining and improving existing energy efficiency programs, while targeting inefficient buildings for priority energy projects. Click here for more details.

For Waste, this means maintaining and improving existing recycling and composting goals, with the goal of achieving district-wide composting. Also, sustainable practices considerations around disposal of building materials during construction and renovation phases.

For Greenspace, this means examining current procedures around landscaping and greenspace practices. Make recommendations and necessary sustainable practices improvements to landscaping, tree planting, stormwater management, and land conservation.