Green Hero September/October 2012


The Green Hero Award given every two months is a program of the Cambridge Green Schools Initiative (CGSI), and the honor is given to individuals or groups who are making a significant contribution or impact towards environmental sustainability in the school district. The honor is given by the school department’s Office for Sustainability.

The Green Hero honor for the months of September/October 2012 goes to Camille Stiles in the Facilities Department. Camille oversees the school department’s switchboard and works in the facilities office every day. She works hard to conserve energy on a daily basis by turning off lights, appliances, and air conditioners in the office and building that do not need to be turned on. Camille grows plants in the office to help keep the air clean, and promotes sustainable practices by researching them and suggesting green ideas to co-workers. Thanks to Camille for encouraging green practices in our office spaces!